The Near and The Elsewhere @ PM Gallery

Why I think you should go:

Even though this exhibition advertises itself as  being about the  ’current economic crisis’, the FT notes that “few of the works actually touch directly on the economic downturn; rather, they examine an odd mix of local decay and anonymous globalisation”.  That makes this an even more appealing for me because it makes a refreshing change to sometimes acknowledge that everything can’t/shouldn’t  be solely fettered to the evils of the ‘current global economic crisis’ and things have been screwed up for a lot longer than the last five years.

The near and the elsewhere

What (The official event blurb):

The near and the elsewhere is an exhibition based on current financial events and the global downturn, looking at failed spaces and abandoned architecture. It explores the constant upheaval of developing cities and the shrinking personal space available to their inhabitants. Combining photography, film and installation, the exhibition focuses on the daily battles of metropolitan living and the defiant stands that the singular citizen makes against greater economic forces.

Where: PM Gallery & House, Walpole Park, Mattock Lane, London W5 5EQ

When: 12pm Tuesday 26th  February 2012 (runs until 17 March 2012)

How much: FREE

Website: near and the elsewhere exhibition

Unless your brain is a bit scrambled like the order of these blog posts, you might find the full A London a Day website and it’s linear presentation of events a tad easier to comprehend. While you’re there you may as well find out what I think you should be doing in London tonight.

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