Global Feast (Opening Ceremony) @ Stratford Old Town Hall

Why I think you should go:

The omnipresent Olympics is soon to kick off. Where are you planning to be for the Opening Ceremony? Hyde Park? Home? Hiding under the bed? What about Alaska? Or the west coast of Africa? No need to book a flight – just head along to Global Feast which is taking place throughout the Olympics in our very own Stratford!

Everyone wants to eat at a table that looks like the world map. I’m keen perching myself somewhere in the North of Russia if possible. Given the disappointing summer we are experiencing at the moment, maybe the climate will be better in my seat in the East Siberian Sea than it is by the Thames, who knows?

Ms Marmite Lover is curating these events so I think it’s a given that the nearly 3 weeks of dining events will be pulled off with flare and you will be left with a very full satisfied tummy. Check out the more details about the nights here

What (The official event blurb):

Global Feast offers a journey through the best of world food, enwrapped by Worldscape – the tallest table in the world, made from its contours, designed by atmos.

Over 20 successive evenings during the London Olympics, 80 guests will gather at the Old Town Hall in Stratford to travel through the cultures and cuisines of the entire world, tasting a different specialty each night.

The menu explores both London & the world – with a guest local chef each night joining culinary curator Kerstin Rodgers (The Underground Restaurant).

Guest chefs for opening ceremony are:
Aoife Behan from Jelly+Gin Productions (Edinburgh)
Denise Baker-McClean from Moel Faban Supper Club

Where:  Stratford Old Town Hall, 29 Broadway  Stratford, London E15 4BQ

When: 6pm Friday 27th July 2012

How much:   £100 (other nights range between £55-£65)

Website: Global Feast

Unless your brain is a bit scrambled like the order of these blog posts, you might find the full A London a Day website and it’s linear presentation of events a tad easier to comprehend. While you’re there you may as well find out what I think you should be doing in London tonight.

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